Review: Etude House baby doll puff

Product reviews online is very powerful. Yes, once it tickles your fancy, you go finding your way buying it. This is why I bought this Etude House baby doll puff. If you would look at the Beauty Blender’s price, you will buy this.


Foundation stains after using the puff.

If you see it from afar, you’ll most likely think you’re spotting a Beauty Blender, but if you come closer, you’ll see it has a curve.

I must say blending with this sponge is a breeze. It easily spreads my liquid foundation into a thin even effect. I temporarily dissed my foundation brush for this. I noticed that the ‘look is better than that applied with  brush, which can leave streaks when not blended properly.

This is me after 5 hours with make up on using the baby doll puff.

My oily skin looks so visible though. But I love the sponge. I am using it until now and  it’s worth your P378.   I don’t wonder why a lot of raves are made on the Beauty Blender, if this is the supposed dupe, then owning a BB sponge is worthwhile. You would just have to invest in it.







5 thoughts on “Review: Etude House baby doll puff

  1. you are so pretty, you know what, I’ve been searching on your icon if you have a link! finally, I got to visit and read your blog 🙂 I am so giddy than ever.

    You have a beautiful face, the eyes are so sexy and lips! you should sport them often! Do a eye shadow tutorial and show off the lipstick. If you are only nearby qc and you have an occasion to attend to, Please contact me, tho’ I am not a professional makeup artist, I would love to do your makeup since we have almost the same skin tone and my make up will compliment your skin.


    1. thanks..maybe camera trick haha. I have big eyes (haha) sabi nila I have thyroid issues kaya ganito mata ko haha. Maybe we could meet someday, we’re staying here in Taguig..I would love you to share make up tips. 😀


      1. Oh, anyway I still love your eyes! Taguig is a wonderful place. Hope to meet you someday! lets rain check 🙂


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