My Banana Peel flip flops

I love flip flops. They are comfortable, and even trendy with all the designs that you see in stores today. What’s even nice is you can pair it with your dress, shorts, and skinny pants. Yes, it is ‘wearable’.

I got mine from  Banana Peel, Market Market. It was only after I did search on their website that what I bought was for their teen edition. 😀  This design’s name is Hey Baby.

I’m wearing Bobbie in Lush nail polish. I know it looks a little off with the color design on the flip flop haha. I have a slightly huge feet. 😀

I bought the rubber-soled design which has a stopper, and so even if I step on wet floor, it won’t slip, the won’t settle on my feet. It is   My slippers before made my feet look dirty because it has no stopper, and if I step on something wet, it leaks to my feet.  Doesn’t look good. Thanks to Banana Peel’s innovation.

This brand began in 2002, and right now, they have a range of products for men, women, teens, kids, and babies. They also sell tote bags, foot sprays and foot blush.

I saw some cute ones too.

This is P200.00

Belissima costs P120.00

Very nice color and design…well, of course I love pink.


This new arrival named Ginger has a pretty color combination too.  This is P320.00

How about you, do you love flip flops?


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