My experience with Chinese herbs

Last Saturday was my third visit to Dr. Tan in Ongpin. I am not into the idea of a surgeon cutting my neck, and taking out the nodule. Yes, it’s scary, and that means another scar.

Two weeks of drinking the Chinese herbs, and I felt a bit of improvement. Before I took the herbs, I feel the lump whenever I swallow. Now, I don’t feel it anymore. I am patiently waiting that the mass will slowly shrink. Maybe I’ll have another ultrasound in the next couple of weeks to see if there’s a change.

This is what the herbs look like.

I am advised to boil each pack two times, night and morning. I tell you the first time I tasted it was super bitter. Now that I’m on my third week, I can drink it without the ‘sour’ face.

I have a friend who is also going to Dr Tan, and she says, just do what he says, and avoid the foods that he will tell you.

The paper that he gave me said that I have to avoid cabbage, eggplant, and carrots. It also included another list to take into moderation. I noticed that if I have to avoid those foods, then I have to stick into green leafy vegetables. It’s the only one not on the list.

I’m positive this will subside soon.




25 thoughts on “My experience with Chinese herbs

  1. hi po. are you still taking dr.tan’s herbal medicine?lumiit po ba ung nodule nyo?i am in the same situation po kasi ngayon. ang gusto ko po malaman if naging ok po kayo after.hope mabasa nyo po to. thanks.


  2. hi ask ko lng po kung ngshrink ung nodule m. same kc tau ng case auko dn mgpasurgery. san po b mlpt s ongpin yn?. thanks


  3. Hi did it make it shrink? Im interested to see him. may i know the sched thank you for the info?
    Pls reach me 09278002421


  4. Hi, i am leaving for ongpin to see the chinese herbalist for the second time…he said i have kidney problem soni am into my 3rd day of that super bittter bitter bitter tea…


  5. Good that you decided to visit him. Am familiar with him, been going there through the years. Many friends go there, too…just remember however, that stopping to see him when he has not declared you clean yet can have repercussions on your immune system. This is what chinese medicine does – not exactly curing but raising your over-all immunity so you don’t get sick and are actually very strong. It strengthes the main body organ casuing your disease so it’s not just the symptoms that disappear but all related sicknesses as well. He’s done what we’d consider miracle cases – of patients who have been given up on by western medicine. Particularly good with cancer and kidney cases so long as you stick with what he tells you. Particularly good pulse diagnosis skills, can diagnose even micro tumors that western labs can’t. He’s an excellent practitioner, and so is his son who practices in the same clinic with him. but do be aware also that TCM will probably not work anymore on large tumors or growths of more than 5 cm. combining extraction in hospital with chinese herbal formulas will be best. I wish more patients would get to know about him, especially those in desperate situations. they are in foo-yong mansion, Ongpin near cor. Alonzo sts. Genuine TCM isn’t quackery nor just placebo effect, contrary to what many doctors and skeptics will tell you. It’s a science that has been developed through thousands of years in china. but beware of fakes also like clinics that prescribe acupuncture to almost any ailment, cashing in on its popularity Dr. Tan doesn’t do that, he himself will tell you that acupuncture isn’t a cure-all.


    1. hello po ask ko lang po natural lang po ba makaramdam mom ko ng kirot sa chest nya hanggang gall bladder? 2days na po siya nag gagamot ng herbal na binihay ni Dr. Tan. natatakot po kami kung side effects lang po ba un o ganun lang po talaga. sabi ni Dr. Tan heart , liver and gall bladder daw po probs ng mom ko. salamat po sa reply wala lang po ko idea kung bakit po ganun. Godbless


    2. Thank you dovery for taking time to leave a message. Yes, I’ve heard from the regular patients that he is good. However in my situation, it’s hard to find time to visit him on a weekly basis. I hope with my current supplement, it will help. 🙂


  6. The clay pot was given by my friend who also visits Dr Tan. He got it from the nearby market. Hope you can get yours.


  7. Hi I am about to see Dr. Tan this week and been told it would be necessary to boil the herbs in a clay pot. Where did you buy yours?


    1. Hi Rachel, sorry I don’t have their contact number. But his clinic is well-known in Ongpin. For me, I haven’t been there for a couple of weeks due to busy schedule. But I am planning to visit him again. The herbs are soothing. 🙂


  8. Yes sofie, the discomfort when I swallow has improved. But I have yet to go for an ultrasound again in the next few weeks to see if it’s working ‘inside’..:) I do hope it will..


  9. Hi sis, is Dr.Tan that you are referring to, is Dr. Galvez Tan? the one who has a radio talk show? anyway, didn’t know you are sick please take care.


    1. Sis, not Dr Galvez Tan. Don’t know the first name but his clinic is in Ongpin, and he is into traditional Chinese herbal sya..:)


    2. Sis, not Dr Galvez Tan. Don’t know the first name but his clinic is in Ongpin, and he is into traditional Chinese herbal sya..:)


    1. hi mariqia,
      my wife has goiter the size of “garbanzos” according to the ultrasound. tagal na din siya umiinon ng herbal ni dr tan. as we see it, di naman na lumalaki ito so she just continuos to drink the herbal na pinakulo. sa’yo ano ang developments? sabi dr tan, tyaga tyaga lang daw, tagal na inuman daw ito bago totally lumiit at mawala ang bukol sa throat.

      btw, may nararamdaman ka ba side effects sa health mo or kakaibang nararamdaman since u take this herbal medicine?

      one more thing, since nag simula wife ko uminom nito, sa kaldero lang kami nagpapakulo (yung usual na sinasaingan ng kanin, makapal at mabigat na gawa sa bakal yung mga usual na bakal na kaldero nabibili sa palengke)….ano daw kaya harm if sa ganito ka nagpapakulo at hindi dun sa palayok or porcelain pot….di ba kasi kami nakakabili ng clay pot e?

      hope u would reply. Thanks – eric


  10. i hope this chinese remedy will work. in the past, i’ve also tried acupuncture and cupping to deal with pain; they worked great on me. praying for you to get better.


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