Pan de sal at Le Coeur

What do you prefer to eat in the morning?

For a mom like me who has limited time to cook, I just take coffee and bread like pan de sal.

Ah, I’m happy of the availability of a nearby bakery.

Although the prices are not cheap, the bread is good.

I usually buy their pan de sal around 7am, and it’s still really hot. Who doesn’t say no to pan de sal’sĀ  when it’s fresh from the oven?


Even if you don’t put in butter, it tastes really good.

An update: I’m on a no-coffee diet because of my nodular goiter. I am taking Chinese herbs, and I hope it will shrink soon.




6 thoughts on “Pan de sal at Le Coeur

  1. Hi there! Just discovered your lovely and heart-warming post! The mere sight of your post calms and relaxes me. You mentioned you are drinking Chinese herbs for your nodular goiter. How is it working? Can you share what it is and where you buy your drink? Thanks!


    1. Yes a few months ago I’ve been to an alternative doctor every week. But lately my work and having a baby gets me tired so I stopped going. I’m now drinking Green Barley as a daily supplement. šŸ™‚


  2. oh i’m also a bread person in the morning. i’m so sorry to hear about your goiter. i hope you’ll get well soon. hugs and prayers.


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