I love soups

There are days when I crave for soup. My hubby tried to cook a pumpkin soup once, at my persistent urging. It was nice for a first time vegetable soup. But for one who doesn’t have time for the preparations, I find it more convenient to buy outside.


When I pass by Market Market mall, I sometimes stop by The Soup Kitchen.


I ordered Clam chowder in a quarter bowl, which comes with your choice of bread.

Well, the herb bread isn’t in the picture. But it was worth the P115.00

If you’re a soup lover, try it here. I love that it’s not that noisy, it’s on ground level. Take  a few steps from the Celine store and you’ll see this.

Think soup. Eat soup.


2 thoughts on “I love soups

  1. i also love soups especially during winter here. i love chicken soup, and one of the shops here have a soup called Seven Vegetables Soup, which is really tasty and good. Some days, soup will just do.


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