Thyroid nodule

My visit to the ENT doctor led to me a visit to two endocrinologists. Last month, I had to see a doctor because I noticed a lump in my throat whenever I swallow. The ENT doctor requested for an ultrasound, and some thyroid tests. I  went to a specialist, an endocrinologist because I felt it was goiter. I was relieved a bit because the results of my lab are normal, so I’m neither hyper of hypothyroid. However, the ultrasound showed a complex mass (solid and liquid) in my right thyroid. Dr. C, the first endo said if I have to take in medicine, there will be a small percentage that the lump will shrink. So she suggested surgery. That’s the last thing I was expecting to hear.

Since I don’t want a surgery, I visited another endo. Dr. F, who is in a different hospital for another opinion. I told her I was there for reassessment, and she asked what Dr. C told me. She agreed with Dr. C  for a surgery.

I know of some who had goiter who managed it well without surgery.

I was thinking of going to an internal medicine doctor. I hope my goiter can still be well with medicine. Some of my friends told me that surgery can have sides effects: Recurrence,  the risk that you can never get  your voice back, and even the nerves can be hit.

I am hoping this won’t result to surgery.






2 thoughts on “Thyroid nodule

  1. I didn’t go for biopsy as I was real scared. I am now taking traditional Chinese medicine, so far my problem with swallowing has improved..hoping it’ll shrink in time..


  2. I read about new Afirma testing that helps to find out if cancer is present in the nodule when biopsy is inconclusive!


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