Days of December

The days of December happens so fast. It’s 10 days more and it’s Christmas!

Fragments of warm memories haunt me whenever I listen to Christmas songs..and of course, the spirit is there. And this is why it’s my favorite season. I picture a happy family together.

This will be my baby’s first Christmas, and I am thanking God, she is responding to her medication. After not accepting the diagnosis which is epilepsy, I finally surrendered to the Lord. He has a purpose for it, and I entrust it all to Him.

Thankful for your prayers. Her seizures is now controlled. In God’s time, she will be completely healed.

You can read my baby’s blog HERE.


One thought on “Days of December

  1. I am so thankful that your baby is responding well to the medication. I am also so glad the Lord has granted you the courage to trust the Lord with this challenging situation. What an inspiration you will be to other struggling mothers! 🙂

    I will continue to pray.


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