Need more prayers

I may not be well this Thanksgiving, but I am thankful still for friends and prayers. Your encouragements fuels my heart to come strong despite my predicament. Trying times are hard.

I just got the result of my baby’s EEG and cranial ultrasound as per doctor’s advise. Thankful that all were within normal limits.

However, when I got home, she had another seizure. Her eyes looked up, and her hands were jerking for about 50 seconds. It pains me to see her like that, because I can’t do anything. Witnessing my baby in these episodes  is crushing my spirit.

I am still crawling to be strong. Friends, please continue to pray.

I love you my Maia.

God will take care of you.


8 thoughts on “Need more prayers

  1. Sending hugs and prayers your way. I think I can relate to how you’re feeling, just that I’m the sick one in my family. It pains me to see my mom cry whenever I go through a procedure.

    Be strong and trust in Him.


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