What should I do when seizures occur?

I don’t know how I’m going to start this post. And I’m not sure either if I have to write this.

But my heart is bleeding right now.

Last Saturday, my baby Maia had this seizure for about 40 seconds. It happened three times. We asked her grandpop if this has happened when we were at work, And he said yes, last Friday she had one. It happened when I was breastfeeding her, and then suddenly she would stop and turn her head to her right, her eyes turns up to her right also, and then suddenly her hands and feet would jerk. I was so terrified I freaked out. My tears were rolling when she was jerking. I couldn’t do anything.

We went to the doctor that afternoon after another seizure occurred. She said she don’t see anything wrong. After seeing that I was not contented with her answer, she then said that if it still persists, will have to try baby for an EEG.

Last Sunday until now, there were no jerky movements. Except for the blank stare that happens for about 5 seconds usually when I’m breastfeeding her. I’m scared to try her for an EEG.

I prayed hard for the seizure to stop.

What should I do? I can’t concentrate on my work.



7 thoughts on “What should I do when seizures occur?

  1. I can totally understand how you feel. You know, when my daughter was still a baby, I would cry every time she gets sick. Walang tulog at todo alaga lang all night. So, hope you get the best results on your daugjter’s tests. Prayers for you both.


  2. I know no words can calm your worrying about Maia, but I’m sending you my prayers. How about getting a second opinion if your current doctor says that there’s nothing wrong? At least, with a second opinion, you’ll have a second doctor taking a look at Maia’s seizures.


    1. thanks for prayers…we are just waiting for the result of the EEG and cranial ultrasound. I’m keeping my fingers crossed..and I keep on hoping and praying.


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