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Ah, my baby will be turning two months this week! A part of me feels happy and sad. Happy because I’m so excited with her growth progress, and can’t wait for her first words and first steps. Sad because that means I have to resume to work. I don’ t want to leave her yet for 8 hours a day.

Two months of searching for a babysitter and yet-zero. We asked my parents’ and in-laws’ help to look for one. I’m worried because I have less than two weeks before I report to work. I just couldn’t tuck baby and bring her to the office. That would be difficult for both of us.

As each day passes, I’m feeling more anxious. Lord, please provide a good babysitter for us.



  1. When looking for a babysitter, I suggest you check your distant relatives in the province. It’s safer to get someone that your family knows.


  2. it must be hard to leave your baby for long hours for the first time. i hope and pray you’ll find a really good babysitter.


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