Ah, my baby will be turning two months this week! A part of me feels happy and sad. Happy because I’m so excited with her growth progress, and can’t wait for her first words and first steps. Sad because that means I have to resume to work. I don’ t want to leave her yet for 8 hours a day.

Two months of searching for a babysitter and yet-zero. We asked my parents’ and in-laws’ help to look for one. I’m worried because I have less than two weeks before I report to work. I just couldn’t tuck baby and bring her to the office. That would be difficult for both of us.

As each day passes, I’m feeling more anxious. Lord, please provide a good babysitter for us.


3 thoughts on “Babysitter

  1. it must be hard to leave your baby for long hours for the first time. i hope and pray you’ll find a really good babysitter.


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