Pacifier pros and cons

The first few weeks of sleeping with your newborn can be tiring. Sure, you get to experience the endless cries, even if you fed her and changed her nappy. You don’t know what to do. According to my pedia, if she’s irritable, it can be that she is constipated or she has colic.

I didn’t plan on giving my baby a pacifier. But because she had been crying for long, I tried giving it to her, and it took 5 minutes for her to sleep when I put the pacifier on her. It was quick though. But is it really safe to use a pacifier?

Here are some pros and cons that I gathered.


-It soothes a fussy baby.

-It helps babies fall asleep and ease their discomfort.

-It has a protective effect against SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).


-It can interfere with breastfeeding if given early (under 1 month).

-Babies can have an increase in yeast infection in the mouth, middle ear infection, and intestinal infection.

-Prolonged pacifier use can cause dental misalignment.

-If your baby stops using the pacifier, your baby can get into the habit of thumb sucking.


Other would say it’s ok. Others would say it’s not. But it’s in your discretion if you choose to.

I plan on not giving it to her now since she’s not that fussy anymore. My baby can sleep at a stretch of 5 hours straight. She’s 7 weeks and can’t wait to see her balance her head already. 🙂



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