Although I’m the first in our family, I haven’t really pictured entirely  how it is to care for babies.  All the extra effort and extra patience and all extras.

Not until now that I’m a mommy. I begin to understand how a ‘motherhood’ life is.


Of course there are the occassional worries, and disturbing thoughts that they call postpartum depression. But it is normal. It takes an understanding partner to fill the challenge. I am grateful to have a helpful hubby who’ve seen my worst.

He comes home tired from work, yet he cuddles baby like he’s never tired. He does the laundry, including baby’s soiled diaper cloth. Yes, we do use the diaper cloth during daytime, and the commercial diaper at night. He makes sure I get to have the malunggay soup so I can have more milk.There’s a lot on the list and thank God for him.

Looking forward for good days ahead!




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