The First Four Weeks

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I gave birth.

Here’s my experience for the first four weeks.

The calendar was forgotten.

One time, I have to ask my husband what day it is. My Wednesdays became Thursdays or vice versa. What was consistent is I have to keep a note what time I last fed my baby so I know  when to feed her next, not to mention changing nappies and bathing her up. Being alone in the house all day, still recuperating from my c-section, and taking care of baby sometimes makes me tired. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just the body response.  I don’t have a straight 8-hour sleep, and each afternoon, I would wait impatiently for hubby to come home from work. And each time he comes home, my heart gives out a sigh of relief. There’s nothing more reassuring than to see him ‘perfectly’ home.

The maximum feed interval for Maia is 3-4 hours, so my sleeping pattern has breaks too! Her break can be 1 to 2 to 3 hours, that’s when she plays with her hands and feet boxing the air, or cry for something I’m not sure of. Ah, mommyhood. There’s a lot to learn.

For a breastfeeding mom like me, my meals usually have soup. Hubby would add some  unripe papaya and malunggay leaves to boost my milk production. Thanks to those power plants. I’m glad I pursued breastfeeding. We had been feeding baby with formula for the first two weeks, but decided to feed her pure breastmilk. I have to endure sore nipples, plus the pain when she starts to suck. Thoughts of “Maybe this is one of the defining moments of motherhood” struck me. I guess it is.

But I’m not finished yet. I’ll rest again and get back to you.


2 thoughts on “The First Four Weeks

  1. Thanks Kayni. Hope for a speedy recovery. CS operations take a little longer.
    Hope you’re fine there..


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