Days before the Big day

August 20: My follow-up prenatal check up

Now 37 weeks & 5 days.


Baby Maia is already positioned, ready to come out. But I’m only 1cm dilated, posterior. When my OB checked, there was blood already in her gloves. Ah, I was scared when I saw blood. But she said I’ll have to wait for actual labor signs before proceeding to the hospital. She said it’ll start anytime now, since it’s already full term.

God, please give me a sign. I filed my last day of work to be on August 28. 



4 thoughts on “Days before the Big day

  1. based on experience on my 4 kiddos, a threadlike blood in urine is a sure sign that you’ll give birth in a few hours — so I never had my maternity leave in advance 🙂


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