Madonna visits the vet

Been busy updating my other blog.  And last week, I also started a blog for our baby.  I wonder if I’ll be able to update all three regularly when she comes.

Maybe I will.

Maybe not.


Meanwhile, last Saturday we took our chihuahua Madonna  to the vet. She’s been scratching her feet, her toes, her back, her ears. And her face looks patchy already.

I feel sorry for her.


The doctor said the symptoms shows signs of demodicosis. It is caused by mites called demodex canis which are found in the hair follicles of dogs. It can be hereditary, or it may be that her immune system can’t fight it.

So he prescribed a cream and soap for her. In addition, she will be needing two injections a week.

Hope she’ll get her skin back the soonest.




2 thoughts on “Madonna visits the vet

  1. oh poor madonna. i hope she’ll feel better soon.

    i have three blogs and there are weeks i do neglect one or two of them…lol.


    1. Thanks..we have to bathe her 3 times a week..:)
      Updating blogs requires ample time..
      Have a nice day Kayni..:)


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