Rain boots for the rainy season

I finally got my rain boots at SM Makati.

There were only three available colors to pick from. Guess what color I bought.

If I were to choose a design, I would buy something like this:

Or this


 And maybe this..

You know I won’t stop. It’s all pinkalicious! And I’m sure they would be pricey too. 


Anyway, I bought this. It costs P219.75 at the department store.

I’m still glad I have this. It’s been raining the past week and I wanted to keep my feet dry. 



5 thoughts on “Rain boots for the rainy season

  1. yup, mga boots dito pag kinonvert mo mag rarange from 800 to a thousand, mas mura pa rin dyan kaya bili na kung gusto mo talaga 🙂


  2. Question…. is wearing boots a must have sa pinas now? I remember people walk in the flood street without them and I have not seen any designer boots noon, not until I got here sa Canada and I was so amazed with the designs I see, they are exactly like that on your photos.


    1. Must have? yes for me, the rainy season has come and that means flooded roads..Actually the pair I bought is the ordinary rain boots in the dept store, since I can’t look for more girly designs. 😀 I saw some designer boots online but it’s expensive…:)


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