My Wednesday

Wednesdays are special because I spend half the day my choice.

So yesterday, I decided to drop by SM to scout for ladies’ rain boots. I find it essential this rainy season, and I hate to walk in the flood.  Anyway, I searched the entire ladies’ footwear, but found none. I was surprised there’s not even one in their displays. My eyes carefully scanned the shelves, while I slowly paced. I was only staring at an array of heels, stilletos, wedges, rubber shoes and flip-flops.

And then I had to pee. I can’t help it. Pregnant women have this frequent urge.

And I went hungry. 

A full meal wasn’t a good idea that time so I headed to the snack kiosks near the supermarket entrance. 

I ordered this Tea Delite in Caramel flavor. Hmm, I love this milk tea, so rich and creamy and fulfilling. I told them to lessen the sugar.

It costs P55 for the extra large size.

I paired it with pancit siopao, which is actually beside the Tea delite stand.  You’ll love the combination.

And I thought I’ll just pass by Watson’s. See the beauty brands in my other post. It was fun testing eyeshadows! I forgot about my rain boots. 

Anyway, I had a fun Wednesday despite the rain outside.




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