I smell coffee

The smell of coffee my office mate is brewing is so intoxicating. A rainy day coupled with a cup of warm coffee is perfect!

Help, I’m starving for coffee. I can only imagine the taste, but to imagine a taste is agonizing too.

Wait, my tummy’s itchy. I’ve been tempted to just scratch the itch away, but I’m scared of adding more scars on my belly. I have a thick brown keloid on my right abdomen. I wonder why my appendectomy scar is so noticeable, while the rest have thin and subtle marks. Anyway, this doesn’t have bearing on coffee.

Coffee stimulates, while scars frustrate. 

Coffee tastes good, while scars change our mood.

Ah, why would I ever compare the two. 

I’m just sleepy, and too lazy to work now. I’m writing in the office, feeling like I’ve swallowed a gallon of air. 





2 thoughts on “I smell coffee

  1. oh hang in there :). tell yourself that coffee doesn’t taste good. mind over matter.

    i don’t understand scars either. i have a keloid from a vaccine given to me in grade school, and stretch marks, i have them too and they’re unsightly.


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