My 8th month visit with my OB

When we went to the clinic, I was listed at # 7 in the waiting line. And after a minute, it was changed to #8.

While waiting for our number to be called, I slowly consumed an orange. I was hoping it would make baby active during the ultrasound. 

I love my OB. She has a sweet disposition.


Here are my OB’s advice:


Since I have a mild edema, I have to elevate my legs. It is normal and is usually caused by prolonged standing and sitting.

No coffee.

Less chocolates (although I haven’t really gave in to the urge of chocolates starting my 7th month).

Less sweets, less salty foods. Junk foods are so tempting though, but still not buying them.

Drink fruit juices.

Have enough rest.

My ultrasound result? I guess I’ll just to wait for D-day. Baby doesn’t isn’t ready to show us yet . 😀    I’m getting really excited.

My vitamin supplements:

♦Clusivol OB



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