My feet swelled up, my flat sandal have been stretched. My once thin and long feet now looks like a papaya.

I’m chomping a fruit salad now without the sweetened milk. It tastes better this way, maybe because I’m trying to abhor sweets(for the time being), plus the sight of ants climbing up my desk is becoming unpleasant. I’m a sweet hoarder…before. And my new routine? Chocolates are switched to oatmeal cookies.

My life is sweetless this last trimester.  

But this sweetless thing isn’t bad at all. 

My love for baby says it all.


Goldilock's sans rival



2 thoughts on “Sweetless

  1. hang in there and keeping off from sweet stuff is good for you and your baby. perhaps after baby arrives, you can have sweets again – of course in moderation 🙂


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