My taste

My younger brother brought 2 slices of Goldilock’s egg pie.

But before the egg pie, my hubby gave him and Cole (my hubby’s visiting nephew) two complimentary tickets to the cinema, so off they went. When they were back,  they told  us that it doesn’t apply on weekends. It was funny we all didn’t notice it. I don’t know what they did. 

And then the egg pie.

Sweets are so tempting now, and I am trying to heed whatever advice I can remember, or eat the littlest amount. Huh.

So I peeled an orange.  I ate a half slice of the egg pie.

Now I’m craving for a calamansi pie.  haha. 


2 thoughts on “My taste

    1. Calamansi pie is so good..too bad haven’t made one, it is one of Ate Rose’ good cooking. 🙂


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