This is my breakfast this morning. Slices of banana, apple and rice puto…plus milk.

I had been consistent with milk, not missing a day. Good that I’m not lactose intolerant. 

It’s a nice sunny morning outside, and I feel great because it’s Friday. Fridays give me a sense of relief, even way back when I was in the elementary. I remember those days, when we wore those green uniform skirts in school, and play chinese garter after class. By that time, only the girls stay behind for play, we don’t mind if our skirts fly as we jump over the garter. Our boys don’t hang out after school, they go home right away.  After play, sweaty and tired, we gather and share stories. They are mostly ghost stories about school, mysterious happenings, apparitions. The name of our school is All Saints’ School, and yet I wonder why there were a  lot of scary stories attached to it. Those tales gave us fascination-to the point where we had goosebumps. Going home in the dark on a Friday night have become a routine.  

But that was before. I don’t meet my girl friends in elementary anymore, but I see them in Facebook. 

Fridays have a lot of memories too.






2 thoughts on “Fridays

  1. yes it’s good to remember. Chinese garter has been a regular thing with us before, but I can’t really jump that high, coz I’m small haha


  2. it’s nice to remember the good ol’ younger years. we wore blue skirts with white blouses. i was never good at chinese garter :(.

    happy friday.


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