Baby talk

Baby, I hope the next time we go for a check up, you’ll let us see what’s down there.

I want to be sure 100% if you’re a pink or a blue.

We can’t blame you if you want it to be a surprise. You must be like me who likes surprises, haha.

We love you still whether you leave us wondering.  I can feel your squirms when I wake up, when I sleep, when I work in the office and anytime you feel like playing. At times I feel uncomfortable, but those twitching you make me feel are overwhelmed by our excitement to see you.

Grow healthy and see you soon.


4 thoughts on “Baby talk

  1. it’s nice to be surprised 🙂 but i also understand the excitement to know so that you could prepare. i know that flower. i remember seeing those in Baguio.


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