A Korean wedding

Hubby and I attended a Korean wedding.


Palms Country Club

The cake set up.

I don’t have any lavender dress so I opted for a blue dress I wore two years ago on a wedding.
My hubby, me and Malou.

Mango crepe with chocolate.
My hubby ate halfway.

Didn’t have the chance to take all the food that I ate, haha. I know I shouldn’t be eating too much so  I ate a little of each food that I found tasty that night.

And here’s the couple.


6 thoughts on “A Korean wedding

  1. we just had a photowalk last week and the local newspaper is planning to dedicate one whole page for that said class activity, they’ll get to choose five photos and interview the photographer, I hope they get one of mine. sigh!


    1. Honga, malaki na hehehe. mahirap na matulog, kailangan side lagi. Kakatuwa nman tlga ang DP class na yan..:) Share mo tips pagtapos mo hehe.


  2. Thanks. The church wedding didn’t have any difference, because they are under the Anglican liturgy. As for the reception, they changed into their Korean costume called the hanbok. All their family members wore it from church to reception. I love the colors. 🙂


  3. I’ve never attended a Korean wedding. Are there any differences from a the usual Filipino weddings?

    You and your hubby look great.


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