Fennel pickle

I have never heard  fennel before until just last week when my officemate brought some. It was pickled. And then I tasted it. It’s crunchy and has a mild orangey taste. I like the fresh aroma of it. 

It was a good thing my officemate got some unpickled fennel. So I made some the following weekend. 

I just put on vinegar, salt, sugar, and pepper. Play according to your taste. 


4 thoughts on “Fennel pickle

    1. I haven’t seen one in the supermarkets here in Manila. It’s actually from Baguio..:) It’s really very tasty when pickled. Too bad my friend only shared a small portion to me..:)


    1. My friend said it’s from her relatives in Baguio. Maybe if you can visit Baguio soon, try dropping by the vegetable market..:)


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