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Once in a while , on regular days at the office ( not too busy and not too idle), I play games. Not facebook games, as I cannot go online all the time. I downloaded Bookworm Adventures 2.

It’s has more features than the old bookworm game. The longer the word you spell, the more damage you give to your opponent. It has a 3D acceleration which makes it more fun.

What about you, what games do you play?

Enjoy the weekend and be safe!



  1. Like Jeanny, I’m a fan of The Sims 3. I’m so addicted to that game. I also love Dash games! Diner Dash, Cooking Dash, Wedding Dash…


  2. 6 years ago I have gone crazy with bookworm that I got to sleep at dawn! I only play word games, so it’s hangman before bookworm. Now I no longer play any e-games 🙂


    • mariqia

      Haven’t tried it yet. Maybe one of these days i’ll check on it too…:)


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