Sunday treats

Last Sunday showered me a bit of happiness.

First, I got a chihuahua from a parishioner. Black and tan. Well, I didn’t buy it expensive so I didn’t get to choose the color. I would love a white one, but the black and tan chihuahua is also cute. I hope I can see a white stud someday to mate with her.

I named her Madonna.

Second, I tasted a delicious Mango Bravo, in a birthday lunch. I saw the packing and it says Conti’s.’s so delectable. I thought at first it looked like Sans rival, but I got closer and noticed that it has mango toppings. You will love everything about this.

You can find the online menu of Conti’s here.


8 thoughts on “Sunday treats

    1. i will. i’m still looking but i’d like either a beagle or a lab. i have to keep looking at the adoption list from the humane society here. hugs to madonna from me.


      1. oh…now i see her. she’s so cuuute! i like how you focused on her petite paws :).

        i’ll be getting a dog soon. might be after june because i have a long trip coming. i’d like to get a medium size dog though.


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