Today’s wish list..

My wishes  as of today…..

I want to taste gelato (I know it’s like ice cream),and with less fat.

I also would like to learn how to make one, but I have no ice cream maker.

Who would resist such creamy goodness! hmm

I got this pic from flickr.

Next, I want to experience how it is to ride a plane. (I never rode one). I want to feel what happens when you’re up there, watching the clouds. 

Note that there’s no order of specifications. I just write what jumps on my mind. I sometimes I think weird. 

I would like to have a chihuahua. I imagine how cute their size is, plus they are said to be good watchdogs and loyal to their owners. Their eyes show all their emotions..oh how precious to look at.

I want to have a week off and head somewhere quiet & peaceful. The past weeks have got me preoccupied with the interminable paper works. A beach maybe..

When I was still single, I’ve wanted to travel abroad. And that goes on until now. Places like Greece, Italy..and a lot. 

I could write more but it can take a lot of my time..haha..


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