Thinking back

Excited for the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate? It has been on the news almost everyday. If not, anything royal you’re planning this weekend?

It’s hot hot hot. I  had a hard time getting my sleep last night.

I long for beaches..and rivers..and cool waters where I can dip and soak my feet. Yes, picnics too! I remember when I was little, our family, relatives and friends used to have picnics in the popular river we call as kids  Balikian. They would bring food, cook there while the children and moms splash and swim in the goodness of the water. It’s the hip before. What makes Balikian a nice place is  it’s in the middle of two mountains. Whoever arrives early gets to choose the best spot-of course the best area for cooking, which has a good shade. Sunblocks aren’t used before, or maybe because it wasn’t introduced yet. Even sun burn and dry hair isn’t much of a worry those days, what mattered was we had fun. 

Oh, when can I step into Balikian again..I’m not even sure if it’s still there.


One thought on “Thinking back

  1. very similar to my childhood as well – no sunblocks, the men cooking while moms and kids play. for picnics, we used to go to a river called pasunglaw. i miss the good ol’ times.


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