New life

It was a quiet, idle Holy week.  I was hoping for it actually, that our neighbor who has a karaoke so loud I can almost hear it in my dreams, has ceased even for 4 days . I felt a bit of happiness. 

Easter came, with lots of happy children’s faces at church. I noticed new kids too. I knew they’re excited for the Easter egg hunt. We ask ourselves, what is the significance of eggs on Easter? Eggs symbolize new life–the resurrection of Jesus. So great and wonderful right?

Part of the sermon on Sunday goes this way:

Resurrection is such a reversal. It is a miracle, which by definition breaks the natural order. 

It breaks the aging process. And it gives us hope..

New life…

Speaking of new life, I was delighted to know our dog Summer gave birth. Wow, Easter puppies! There’s an engaging feeling to see newborn babies-whether humans or dogs or any animal. Little ones are adorable. 

Hope you had a wonderful Easter. I know this post is a bit late.


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