I thought I won’t be posting today. But since my laziness at work has risen, I prefer to sit down and write something. Even though I don’t have any idea what to write about. I’m weird.

It’s a bit cloudy outside, and yesterday it was dark and ominous in the northern sky. We later read in the news that there was a fire in the Guadalupe area yesterday, that is about 15-20 minutes from our office. Fire, that is the risk we have this summer season.

I should be posting pictures on the palms last Sunday, but I left home the port for the camera. Next Sunday is Easter, so about  600 plastic eggs stuffed with candies are ready for the children’s egg hunting. They are actually cute colorful eggs. I’m sure the kiddos will have a blast.

Sometimes inconsiderate superiors irritate me. How can they not understand the effort you do. Hmmm..

I just pray that they will understand someday.


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