To mom and dad


I can almost hear two voices regularly.

They call themselves mom and dad.

I can feel mom when she walks and talks.

I hear dad’s voice in the morning and late afternoon. He says goodbye to me early in the morning, close to my sanctuary..that is–mom’s belly..hikhik.  Mom said later on that he’s going to work. He leaves early in the morning, the time when I usually nudge mom to wake up, and run for some biscuits for me.

Somewhere in the distance, I can also hear dogs barking…or whining. Maybe they’re hungry too.

I heard in one of mom and dad’s conversation that their dog–oops–our dog Summer is also pregnant. Does that mean there are dog babies on the way? I know I’m staying here longer than they do.

I have yet to grow before mom and dad holds me in their arms.


Love you mom and dad,

Your 4-month old baby


2 thoughts on “To mom and dad

  1. this is a great post 🙂 i love it. so you’re having puppies too? my sister was just out a few days ago looking for a puppy for her kids.


    1. Thanks. Yes, we’re going to have puppies a month I guess. She’s a brown native dog haha.


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