The first time I stepped in the newly opened SM branch, I was overwhelmed. I was not actually out for some shopping. After I’m done paying the some bills,  curiosity swept over me and made me walk straight to the store. Ah, I should have walked the other way haha. I wonder what baby is thinking of what I’m doing. I don’t know why this pregnancy thing made me this way haha.

The sight of pink florals, different shades of floral, so feminine and fashionable made me amazed. Oh, how I wish I can buy what I want. The space is huge and the clothes arranged in an orderly way. I noticed teens, and ladies in their 20′ s, 30’s and 40’s present in the store.

Their prices are a bit pricey for me though. But I’m sure the quality is good. And, their dresses are simple, yet chic and elegant. I scanned the apparels as I walked through each stack, I couldn’t help but just feast on them haha.

I stepped out with nothing shopped but with eyes full. haha.

I’m thinking of going back to get a dress…or just buy in other stores where I can get two for the price of 1 Forever21. 😀




2 thoughts on “Forever21

  1. i like this store too, but i’m trying to stay away from shopping for now. i have to save some money for a summer vacation.

    i hope all is well.


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