To follow His leading

It was a long day yesterday, and the day before yesterday. I get in the office early, because it gives me time to eat, check my personal email, and browse the web. But I was robbed a quarter hour early than our opening time. I saw the auditor outside through the glass doors, so I opened the door for her.  And unmindful of the time, she started asking me for the needed documents.

Ah, and that was the start of my day. I am not whining or complaining.

That started some little thinking on my part.

But I saw myself too small, and my career barely growing. I felt a brush of self pity. I am earning a salary for a single lady. But it was my choice why I stayed here. Is it because it slowly became my comfort zone? Oh yes, nice environment, and friends whom I already knew. But staying here lacks the ‘ladder’ most employees aspire for. My job today will still be the same until I reach retirement. But does it really matter? That’s what I ask myself. I’ll be having a baby soon and my meager pay won’t help us with our finances. It would be hard to job hunt now that I’m pregnant, but I will try soon after I give birth. How is that?

Oh, I shouldn’t worry a lot.

I’ll just take it all to God and let Him lead me where He wants me to be.


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