Waking early


Waking up early in the morning during weekdays is the hardest thing to do. That’s myself talking when I’m half conscious and half unconscious. It is a weekday routine but somehow, it just seems like it’s a new thing.

But I love it when I’m up early. I get to do things without rush. Less chance of forgetting things. Yes, I forget things even at my age.

When I arrived at the office, I have no idea what to eat. So I just consumed the oats that I put on the fridge yesterday. I brewed coffee and added Anmum milk. I’m not sure if coffee is ok, but it’s hard to take in pure milk. Well I tried chocolate flavor but it just doesn’t work too. Coffee is better.

Now off to reading and browsing.





8 thoughts on “Waking early

  1. i craved with pizza and corn cob when I was pregnant and I want from Pizza Hut or Greenwhich and nothing more. It’s good to know that yoyu’re taking Anmum, that will help you with your milking, you’ll do breastfeeding right?


  2. i also wake up early during the weekends. for me though, my body clock is just so used to waking up at 6 am, that even if i’m not working, i just wake at 6.

    i wish i could give you some advice about pregnancy and all, but i’ve never been. i hope my prayers will keep you safe and give you more strength.

    i hope you feel better today.


  3. I love your photographs. I never get tired of looking at flowers. It is early spring where I live, and the flowers and shrubs are just starting to show signs of life. I can’t wait until everything starts to bloom.

    I was thinking about the things you are eating. I had never heard of Anmum milk. I looked it up on the internet. That is neat. I remember that I was often sick to my stomach, during part of each pregnancy, but not the typical time when many women experience that. I remember that ginger snap cookies and a specific brand of molasses cookie seemed to agree with me. I also remember that there was this frozen orange flavored slushy drink I liked when I was pregnant with my second child.

    I am enjoying reading about your experiences as an expectant mother. I wish I had wrote mine down. I am praying for good health for both you and your baby.


    1. Thanks for the appreciation and the prayers! That’s too much Theresa..
      Glad to know your food cravings before..I still don’t know what I really crave haha!
      I love to see spring there! 🙂


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