Slow days

All I want to do is sleep.

And watch. Movies and tv series.

Yet I’m writing this in the office.  There’s no escape from work, unless I file for a leave, or I’m sick.. But I’m not asking for sickness to find and strike me. Not at this time.

My days have become so slow and dragging. I found myself looking forward for home, and the comfort that it brings.


Last weekend, hubby and I watched the first half of House’s season 6. I love the amusing cast, the medical puzzles they are trying to solve, and the humor that goes with each story.

What about you?

What do you like watching?


8 thoughts on “Slow days

  1. we have three channels that we love to watch, comedy network, HGTV and Food Network, we can spend the day watching one channel and enjoy different shows on the last two network. I so love watching Just for laughs, I started watching that when I was in Singapore and apparently, it is from Quebec here in Canada. Funny and interesting people, because of that I want to visit the place too.

    I love American Pickers too, I don’t know if you know that I love junks 🙂 and Pawn Star is so engaging because they tackled History of all the items people pawned or sold to them.


    1. I’m not really familiar with those shows, honestly I have to google when you mentioned it haha. Anything that applies History is fascinating..:)


  2. I use to watch House, but somehow just lost interest. I’m watching Sex and the City re-runs these days; it’s one of the shows that relaxes me.


  3. I feel exactly like that when I was preggy — and when I am not! Sleep, that is. I’m not much into watching TV. House is one of the favorites of my daughter and Hubby as well as Dexter. Mine were Prison Break and Nip Tuck.


    1. Prison break is one of my hubby’s fave too..haha.i haven’t really seen one episode for me to comment. What’s Nip Tuck about?


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