Cold in ‘Ber months

I felt the cold has started already the past days. I take bathes in warm water. I just can’t handle the cold water when I wake up early and go straight to the bathroom haha. I feel a little weak when it’s uncomfortably cold. Like when I’m riding in an air-conditioned bus for long hours especially at night, my bones cry for warmth.

But I love the cold when I wake up in a crisp morning, with the sunshine. This scenario is most applicable in the province. How I adore the fresh, cool morning air. It’s somewhat invigorating.

Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “Cold in ‘Ber months

  1. that’s what I told some people here today, that we also experience cold weather especially in December and January, and we do also wear sweatshirts.

    have a nice weekend to you too 🙂


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