I♥Faces Photo Challenge: Silhouette

That’s Gal, my fiance.


22 thoughts on “I♥Faces Photo Challenge: Silhouette

  1. BEAUTIFUL photo!

    Just remember, when you enter an iHeartfaces contest, you MUST have their little camera button in your post or you cannot be considered to win. 😉 I really REALLY want to see you win, so don’t forget that button! 😀

    This week is PAPER!

    You are very talented!


    1. Thanks..I should have put the button in my post..:(

      But anyway, I’m looking forward to this week’s Paper theme..:)


  2. simply great
    the love shows!
    your favorite color is pink
    and of course
    the man!
    you’ve got to teach me
    with photography
    one of these days
    after the busyness


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