My first shooting

It was my first time to enter the ARMSCOR Firing range in Marikina. I was  just tagged along with the CHT youth.

The general gathered us at the AFRESCOM first, and briefed us with what to do when we get there.

Am I too small? I’m 3rd from left.


The general advised that we mustn’t do anything else other than what the officer in the firing range will tell us. We must learn to listen! He added that proper gun handling and safety is the foremost concern.

We used a .22 long  rifle.

It didn’t hurt our ears and it’s a friendly gun.


Things to keep in mind when shooting:

1. Hold your breath when ready to shoot.

2. Squeeze the trigger slowly, do not pull.

3. Do not aim the gun to anyone else whether loaded or NOT.

Each box of bullets contain 50 pieces.


The box says Precision.

I scored 39 out of 50.

I had a blast and of course the rest.


I was a  good listener. 🙂







4 thoughts on “My first shooting

  1. Thanks Audi, yes thanks to Gen Dalmas for making it possible for us to do the shooting thing hehe. 🙂


  2. nice naman galing mo na siguro mag snipe hehehehehe and ganda ng pose mo kasama mo pa si Col Dalmas dati ngayon Brig Gen Dalmas na sya, isa kasi sya sa mga gumabay sa training namin bilang Speacial Forces Operation Orientation Training ( 03-09 )

    nice pix….
    Team 2 – AUDI


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