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November is near.

Next thing I know, it’s going to be the big day. I still don’t feel any jitters though. But I know myself, I’m easily nervous when in a big crowd, even for just a few words uttered, my hands always feel cold and shaky.

Hopefully it wouldn’t be that way. Ifugao is cold in December.

Well, have to do more work. A lot’s to be done.

Have a good Thursday!



  1. Getting up in front of crowds of people has always made me react physically, too. Not much you can do… but it helps me to remember that a crowd is just a bunch of individuals, each with their own individual perspectives who are just as self conscious as you are.

    Anyway, you’ll be beautiful and so will your big day!


    • mariqia

      You’re right claire..i’ll try to remember that when I’m there..:)


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