Planning time

Since my maid of honor is far away, I decided to get someone who can help me with the planning details.




Her name is so vintage…they way I like my theme to be. She will be my matron of honor.

I was one of her usherettes during her wedding last May 16, 2008. She said I should have a checklist and guide and timetable. I said I didn’t prepare one. She willingly emailed me the guide. I’m glad she’s here.

As I was reading it, I realized there was a lot I hadn’t even thought of. The details.

One thing she said, I shouldn’t rely on the groom on planning the details. It’s better for women to tackle it because we are more gifted on creativity..Hmmm…

See you later, there’s a lot of work waiting. 🙂




6 thoughts on “Planning time

  1. lucky you. somebody’s there to help you with your wedding preparation. In my first marriage, it was my mom who planned everything, my only part is to attend my own wedding lol!

    pretty butterfly!


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