Sometimes I imagine being in a forest..with just my dogs and me.

Must be exciting. And enchanting. haha

The smell of fresh air, and nothing to think of. No worries. No anxiety.

Only the presence of each other.




In the photo is Summer and Hannibal in the background.


7 thoughts on “Imagine

    1. The last time I was in a real forest was last last year. Animals? I saw common birds. haha. How I wish to see big colorful birds.
      A lot of animals are facing extinction now, maybe because of the loss of habitat..and forest woods are now harvested..


  1. The ‘good’ forests are actually found in the provinces, 8-16 hours of bus ride. Manila is so populous and really crowded that you can’t feel and breathe fresh air. You’d have to really travel for hours so you can actually see the ‘woods’.

    Wow, it’s amazing how you can see deers once a week..I’ve never seen one ..haha.


  2. Is it a long drive to the forests? It is very green where I live…lots of woods, and I see deer at least once a week. It is usually either at night or early in the morning when I see them. I have to be careful not to hit them with my van.

    I like to visit cities, but I prefer living in my small town. ๐Ÿ™‚


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