The picture above was taken one Friday night. It was traffic,  because it’s Friday. People usually prepare to go home to their respective provinces or go out at night with friends. It makes the highway jammed.

Anyway, preparing for a wedding is fun but stressful. I’m still looking for invitation templates, thanks to Rea for suggesting some. She’s a sweet online sister. I’d tell you soon.

I’d have to go through a lot of checklists.

Now I feel the pressure, and with no wedding coordinator, I have to organize it myself.  I want it simple, but memorable.

I don’t even know where to start, haha.

The venue is 14 hours away from where I am right now.

My family is also far away.

Cousins and friends are in other towns. Of course I have some friends here, but it’s not that easy. They are also busy, and I’m a bit hesitant to ask them. You’ll know they want to help  if they offer assistance. Hmm..Or maybe I’ll just talk straight to them, cause they’re just waiting…


You need to focus girl. Plan now. Start now before traffic sets in.

Any advise?


4 thoughts on “Weddings..

  1. I agree. homemade decor and party favors are always a great way to save money while doing something heartfelt and meaningful for everyone. congratulations to the happy couple~


  2. i remember my own wedding.
    my husband and i married a year after graduation.
    we planned and paid all expenses
    so needless to say we had a small budget.
    i just made the souvenirs,
    held the reception in a simple restaurant,
    and invited our closest friends.
    if i will do it again
    i would love to add a photo story of us
    in each table.
    that would not be a problem now with you
    as you take great shots


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