get well soon mom

I was close to tears yesterday when my youngest sister sent me a text message that mom was confined in the hospital. I felt my heart suddenly beat faster. The longing to see mom at that moment swelled. They are 24 hours away travel by land. The thought of them far away even made it painful.

I immediately asked what happened through phone, and she said that morning she felt an unbearable back pain, dizziness, and difficulty breathing. I could only ask God to heal her. She is  under dextrose and pain reliever. I told her to update me, she said she’s being observed, and if the pain doesn’t go away, they will have to transfer her to another hospital that has xray and other equipment.

This is me and  mom 10 months ago.

I miss her.

Please pray for her too that all will go well.




6 thoughts on “get well soon mom

  1. Your mom will be in my prayer Mariquia. I feel you. We have been at the hospital too, on and off and today mark our third week at the hospital.

    My fiancé had surpassed the critical condition, and I know your mom will be healed too. Just hang on.


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