A day with the veterans

Last Sunday was our Veterans day at the church. A group of seniors gathered early, already assembled when I arrived. They are only a portion of the veterans who fought and served our nation bravely. It was nice to see them showing an air of vigorous dash. After all, they were the mighty ones.

The ushers wearing Filipiniana outfits.

You will mistakenly think they’re sisters. From left, DK and Aby and their mom Cecile.

Domino, our choir director looks good in his black barong, along with the three CHT youth officers sporting filipiniana dresses.

They are like best friends, they both sing in the choir.  My god mum Jenny is wearing her MBE.

James and Juanito with Bishop Dixie Taclobao.

That’s Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr. with my fellow parishioners.

Sybille with the representative of New Zealand. He looks like Justin Timberlake they say.

Can’t help looking at baby Singko. So cute.

And I got lucky I get  to have a pose with Amb. Stephen Lillie.


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