youth party

Prices in a basket. Skeeter has a lot of ideas. Pens in beautiful casing.

Bag tags, bookmarks, clippers, and some stuff.

Meanwhile, outside the parish hall before the Youth acquaintance party, we behold friends catching up  around the coffee table.

The senior warden gathering the kids and young adults in the parish hall.

Securing their name tags.

Can’t avoid looking at food.


In this game, you have to pass the ball, with only the chopsticks holding it. The first group who finishes win.

Now, time for picture taking.

More games for the young adults. This is the ballroom-dance pose. I can’t do this. Split. I guess Princess had some dance lessons.

Brave boys. What kind of ballroom dance is this.

Meet the judges. They are actually parents of some of the youth.

Christian wanted more of the prizes. haha. Too bad, he can only get what he won.

And Darren, cute kid. He always do what you tell him to do. He loves the camera.

It was a fun afternoon.


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