Trip to Namillangan

There has been a lot on the news lately. And it saddens me that reality is sometimes harsh, and brutal things happen. Although we want the best, we cannot frame people’s minds. We cannot control it. Condolences to the victims’ families.

Back to my story in Ifugao.

We left 12midnight here in Manila, headed to Santiago. We arrived there 8:30am, and waited for Uncle Paul, my dad, and my sister Queena to pick us up at the Victory bus terminal. After 5 minutes of waiting, they arrived, and we went straight to Namillangan–45 minutes ride. I’ve loved the road from Santiago to Namillangan. It is a picture of a bucolic region,  trees and green plants visible as the jeepney proceeded. We also passed by the Maris dam, which is just minutes away from the majestic Magat dam located between the provinces of Ifugao and Isabela. Here is a picture of Magat taken last January 1:

With uncles and cousins.

We are happy to see my family and also Uncle Constancio’s family. He is the parish priest there for 7 years…and counting.

The next day, my fiance’s mom and her first cousin Dorothy arrived at around 3pm. I didn’t take  pictures, I admit I’m still timid to do so. Uncle Nick also arrived from Baguio while we were having coffee and a warm lemongrass drink. It was sort of a small reunion.

We did talk late that night. But I still can’t post where, I’ll update in the next posts. We are considering one thing that can delay the date.

The following day, which is Sunday, Dorothy and Gal’s mom left for Bontoc. It was a quick trip.

We are scheduled to head to Manila 7pm. So that afternoon Cranmer, my uncle’s 2nd boy, Queena and me went for some photo shots around the church compound.

That’s my sister Queena.  She asked me to take her picture on that rock.

That is Cranmer. He is serious looking but he’s a comic fellow.

They’re having fun up there.


Jumping, again.

And again.

Perfect cousins.

Oh boy, this boy loves flowers too.

Don’t laugh.


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