Rain and sunshine

I did laundry last night, and after a few minutes it rained. It was still raining when I slept, and when I woke up this morning, there’s only a light rain..I can hear the tick-tack-tick-tack of the rain drops falling on the ground. I snaffled my black umbrella and set off to work. I’m more comfortable wearing slippers on rainy days, because water easily permeates the flat sandals that I regularly put on.

Ok, when I got in for work, there was no drizzle. The blue clouds began to stretch up in the blue sky.  Around ten minutes later, the sun’s up. The weather’s so unpredictable. So be ready any time, for rain and heat. Umbrellas are one of our best friends this time.

Tonight , we’re heading to Ifugao. We’ll stay there just for the weekend since I have to  report on Monday. I hope the weather will not turn out bad.

Happy weekend everyone!


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