A visit to the memorial–Part 3

The walls of the missing.

The end on the hemicycle–now entering the chapel.

The altar decorated with a mosaic similar to the maps found within the hemicycle rooms. The light from the stone grilleworks illuminates the room.

The chapel.

It was stated in the information that the sculpture represents St. George, the American warrior, fighting his enemy the dragon. Above them were the symbols for Liberty, Justice, Country and Columbia–the ideals for which he fought.

We walked past the back of the chapel, following the asphalt road that’s starting to fume hot.

I see a lot of headstones.

This is where we walked.

My uncle and cousin. Having their own pose.

I appreciate the way the area was maintained.

We started to feel hungry and thirsty. We had no water in our bags.

Now back to where we came from. This is the visitors building, where you can meet the staff and ask questions.

We were satiated, not physically, but our eyes saw much.


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