A visit to a memorial –Part 1

It was a hot day when we entered the Manila American Memorial. There’s my cousin Nique, and uncle Nick probably was on the entrance already.

This is the view from the entrance. A couple of photographers were in the taxi. The guard welcomed us in.

Still from the entrance. I was too excited to take pictures. I just wish  I had a dslr.

Ok, now we’re walking. We started to navigate on the left part of the roadway. Can you feel the heat emanating from the picture? I started to sizzle.

I don’t think there’s enough liquid on me for me to sizzle.

Nearing the graves. We were informed that we shouldn’t walk across the grass. We then have to take pictures on the side roads.

The headstones were beautifully  placed in equal angles.

I looked up and saw the tree and the sun. I might as well take this shot.

Including the headstones.

Still walking, and finding shade under the trees. But because the site is clean and beautiful, I only mind 50% of the heat.

Well, you can see a part of the hemicycle to the right. That will be part 2.

Here are some notes I’ve gathered:

1. This memorial occupies 152 acres on a plateau that is visible from east, west and south.

2. Contains the largest number of graves of the military dead during World War II, total of 17,202.

3. 36,285 were missing, their names were inscribe on rectangular Trani  limestone piers, located within the hemicycles.

It’s open daily to the public from 9am to 5pm, except on December 25 and January 1. It is located in Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila.

Why I love the place?

It’s peaceful and quiet. If you’re looking to have a break or a breather and a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I recommend this place. ♥


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